Health Clinic Prices


Health Clinic Prices

If you need to take special care of yourself, we’ll help you. The cabinet offers you special prices for your health with maximum professionalism.

Manual Therapies

Physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage or rehabilitation therapies, etc …

Natural Therapies:

Iridology, nutritional profiling, stress therapy with cardiac coherecia and personalized health plans.

Additional services:

Hydrotherapy, Spa and agreed with the Spa Hermida.


    • Spa 12€.
    • Hydromassage 8€
    • Korean stretcher 10€
    • Individual therapy physiotherapy / Osteopathy – 60€.
    • Massage 1hour: 60€; 30 minutes 40€
    • Naturopathy or Iridiology session 60€
    • Test nutritional profiles 25€
    • Personalized Yoga session 60€
    • Personalized stress plan 60€


    The possibilities of treatment will be subject to requests that exist and to the available schedule. Limited spaces.